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The outfit of the Independent Living

Changing the colour of hair is a SMArt way to feel restored! 


With origins in the U.S. civil rights and consumer movements of the late 1960s, the Independent Living Movement grew out of the Disability Rights Movement, which began in the 1960s.

Living independently, having the chance to control and self-determine my life, is very important.  I can choose to go outside with my friends, to travel, to do shopping… and I can also choose to go to the hairdresser to colour my hair. Most of you might believe it’s an unimportant thing, but try to imagine how much difficult it would be your days if you couldn’t live autonomously. And try to figure how much sad would be your life if you weren’t considered as citizens as the other people, or if the rights that the other citizens take for granted were not guaranteed to you, and if you had not the same degree of freedom in every day life… What are you feeling now?



This is why you MUST always claim the right to independence, even if you are not on a wheelchair like me!

Well, do you like my new outfit? Before answering “NO”, you must know that your IP address is traceable! 😀 😛


Generation 700 euros

Since I was a teenager I always dreamed to live alone, like most of the teenagers. However, this dream wouldn’t come true if the Piedmont Region, where I live, hadn’t initialized customized projects based on the Independent Living principles for people with severe disabilities.

In most countries, proponents of the Independent Living Movement claim preconceived notions contribute to negative attitudes towards people with disabilities, portraying them as sick, defective and deviant persons, as a burden for themselves and their families, dependent on other people’s charity.

So, I’ve been living my new life in my own home for two years. Holding in my hands, for the first time, the keys of the new house was great.

Although, very soon, I realized that I had got the keys because I had paid the rent before, and then I realized that they would have been mine as long as I pay for it. Then, after opening the door, I understood that it couldn’t be considered my home without connecting electricity, gas and water… Because you can feed the mind of ideals and passion, but body requires different kind of food. Mostly mine, that after opening the eyes on the ceiling bangs the drums for sugar and caffeine…It doesn’t care about ideals and flights of fancy.

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