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A tasteful dinner

Last night we had a pakistani dinner in my home. It has been so long since someone cooked Pakistani food in my kitchen! As I hired a pakistani assistant for August (actually he is the substitute for my two personal assistants which are on holiday) I asked him to cook Biryani rice and then I invited some friends for dinner. So, in the morning I had gone to buy all ingredients for the recipe: tomatoes, basmati rice, ginger, lemons and onions as well. You know, I don’t like onions, but when I told it to Israr he was really astonished and he explained how much important they are in the pakistani recipes…so, I had to surrender and to put them on the shopping cart. “Ok, let’s go! We have all ingredients!” I was so excited! Unfortunately, I forgot to tell Israr that I hate garlic: do you imagine what means for a pakistani chef cooking without garlic? It’s like talking without miming for an Italian!

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