What a mess!

Is there something – all over the world – more British than a cup of tea? I guess, no!

Well, I’m going to tell you about a very English mug and a tasteful blend of tea. This could be a serious post. However, as you know I’m an Italian and you would expect that I serve you a piece of pizza alongside the tea…

By the way, this afternoon, at 5 o’clock, I had a cup of tea. I know that the English men are very followers of etiquette, but Italy is the home of creative talents… Firstly, I heated a cup of water into the microwave – God save the Queen – instead of using the kettle. I should have poured the water into a tea pot, but I’m use to saving the long ritual for special celebrations…After that, I put the tea bag inside the cup of scalding water (sure, an English man can suddenly swoon because of that). Of course, I would prefer the loose tea to the tea bags, but I want to enjoy a cup of tea even if I’m in a hurry!

As the things are going from bad to worse, you ought to know that I usually stir the tea when it’s in the cup…Don’t worry, I don’t use my pinky finger! To be honest, I also like flavouring the tea with cinnamon or ginger powder, mint leaves, cloves, slices of lime, nutmeg or anything else that is in my kitchen. And I also love to dip some biscuits into the tea, especially those with chocolate or nuts.

So,it is best that I don’t invite the Queen for a tea, but inviting my friends is enough for me!  


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