Safe and sound

If taking the elevators ensures you not to be boxing with a sort of human sponges sweat dripping,  inside the Museums you MUST to risk it!

It happens sometimes to be in the same room with people who – regardless of the most basic rules of hygiene – emit a bad smell in the air, a sort of disgusting smells of wet goat. So you just have to move to another room, even if it means to follow the tour pathway in the opposite direction: you have to survive!
This is the reasons why I do not like to go into crowded places in the summer – unless they are outdoors.

Certainly, summer is the ideal season to go on the dome of the Mole Antonelliana after visiting the Museum. Thus, trained as soldiers to throw off the enemies, we have followed all the pathway and – after that – we went up to 85 meters high, overlooking the roofs of the city. Actually, in the first room we visited, we came across a dangerous pair of reeks, but we readily overcome and forgot them among the crowd of visitors.

Finally, we had dinner at Arcadia, the famous restaurant of Piero Chiambretti, located in the Galleria Subalpina. In front of a plate of green gnocchi with courgette flowers and of a glass of Chardonnay, we could finally enjoy good scents…


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